Professional Service,
A Better Wash -
For the Right Price!

Professional Pressure Washing 

& Soft Wash Systems 

(Rite-Wash is an Extension of Wind-Mart, LLC)

Pressure Washing in Williamsburg,VA. 

& Surrounding Areas


Wash Services

House Exterior Wash

Specialty House Soft Wash System

Safely Removes Algae, Mold, 

Midew, Dirt & Pollen

Roof Wash

Specialty Roof Soft Wash System

(Safe On Shingles) Removes Black Mold, Algae, Mildew, Harmful Bacteria and Greatly Helps Extend the Life of Your Roof. 

Deck Cleaning

Multiple Deck Washing Systems (depending on substrate) , whether Wood or PVC 

Safely Removes Algae, Mold, Mildew, Harmful Bacteria and Greatly Extends the life of your Decking. 

Driveway / Walkway & Patio Cleaning

Specialty Surface Cleaning Methods that allow us to Safely & Efficently Clean Your Driveway / Walkway & Patio.

Seal Coatings

.Clear Gloss Driveway Sealer Adds Curb Appeal While Helping to Preserve Your Concrete from Water Infiltration, Cracking & Sinking.

.Deck Stain & Sealing Preserves Wood and Adds Beauty to Your Outdoor Experience. 

.Select Exterior Painting Services

Int. / Ext. Gutter Cleaning

.Greatly Enhance Your Roof Eves with A Specialty Exterior Gutter Cleaning, by Removing Black Oxidation & Striping. 

.Keep Your Gutters Free Flowing & Free from Debris w/ Our Specialty Interior Gutter Cleaning Methods. 

The Rite-Wash Way is Straight Forward

About Us


Our passion for the industry has driven us to go beyond the norm, and do things others don't typically do, which allows us be the best in wash innovation by using proprietary state of the art equipment and biodegradable detergents 

with our soft washing systems.

We Pay Close Attention to Detail


Small details can make a big difference. Often clients have a job expectation before we start and we often exceed them when we're done.  This is how our company has grown to offer multiple facets of home services. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


All Clients Served Completely Satisfied, our prices are fair and adequate, however our clients happiness is priceless!  

Professional Service, A Better Wash - 

For the Right Price!

"The Rite-Wash Way!"

Our Partners


Other Great Services We Provide Are..


Handyman Services


Seamless Gutters & Leaf Protection


Replacement Windows

Rite-Wash is a Extension of Wind-Mart,LLC - Local Family Owned & Operated, Williamsburg VA.

Our background in home improvement started with selling & installing home exterior products, such as Windows, Siding & Gutters, hints the name "Wind-Mart". After serving our clients in these areas and after showing our abilities we were often asked if we can do more for them, and this is why Wind-Mart Handyman Services was born.  In addtion, year after year, providing pressure washing services to our clients - the demand & our popularity grew. We decided to add it as one of our specialty products, and to express that we are professionlas in this field, we decided it needed it's own identity "Rite-Wash", our approach will be simple and not do things like they have always been done in the industry. We will provide 

Professional Service, A Better Wash - For the Right Price!


What more can anyone ask for...


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